Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday. 11.29.08

Last night, Levi did good. His vitals were good too. Joe was not available for further comments but as soon as I get ahold of him, I'll update. Still floating in spirit from what God did yesterday. I don't know everyone who was there in that room to witness God's gift and smile upon Levi but it was a divine appointment for you. Sweet. Awesome. Humbling. Knee bowing. Heart tugging. Go tell it! Our God is an awesome God.

Levi, a crazy-distant-20 times removed aunt name Lydia & Robert Stovall from Detroit Michigan are sending prayers up for you too. Mijo, may you continue to spend anointed time with the Savior as He breathes into your body and heals. You have a message to tell to the nations!

p.s. PLEASE go post under the "Circle of Life" how you met Levi, how you know Levi, how your connected.
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Friday, November 28, 2008

Our Day of Thanksgiving Continues!!!

Today as the Steelmans continue to spend time with Levi ,we got Huge reports. Levi has been squeezing hands, moving legs and he also agreed with his father that he is a MIRACLE!!!!! Yes, Levi spoke the word "YES".
So much we have been blessed with thus far in our year, but yet our Lord has chosen to reveal himself to us again. What wonderous mercy, love and compassion God has sent us through Levi.
Our bells are ringing, our hearts are singing, the tears are flowing; But our GOD is faithful to complete it!!!!
Join us in the celebration of telling the world that Jesus Reigns.
Thank you Jesus
Amen and Amen


No black friday here at Levi's. It is a beautiful, fresh day.
Joe (Dad) stayed with Levi last night. Esther, Weita, Uncle Adam stayed at the apartment to rest.
Events of the evening:
  • good vitals
  • awake and alert, responsive, aware
  • actively moved head b/f
  • moved leg on purpose not a twitching movement
  • moved index fingers on each hand
  • followed commands
  • still can't make fist or raise arms or wiggle toes
  • he hears everything

As of this moring, his blood is low and they are going to give him some blood. The doctors said it's nothing to worry about since marrow makes blood and since he has so many broken bones it slows the process up. At a later date, they may give him a marrow stimulate.

Joe said that he remembers when the kids were little toddlers that it was very exciting to see them do things for the first time. Well now Levi is an adult and all the things he is doing for the first time while in the hospital is also something to get excited about. Much like what God has done for us. Its real, its a new beginning, its worth being excited about. Nothing black, its beautiful! Thank you beautiful friends.

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Thursday, November 27, 2008


Joe came to stay so Esther could get a break from 6wks of staying at the hospital. What happened with Levi:
  • exposed skin graph areas so it could get some air
  • taken lots of x-rays
  • was given a bath
  • knot in back of neck (found yesterday by Joe) Dr. said it was okay
  • took off "T"
  • lost 35# and concerned about it. Dr. said ok due to ICU (should increase later)
Uncle Adam, Weita, Esther are up at Amarillo. Eating "menudo" and chilling out. Joe left a precious note of thankfulness in the journal that is documenting each day's tranaction. Here is a little bit of what he is thankful. The immediate care he received in Silverton. Dr. Franklin and nurses and how God skillful put them together to give the care that is perfect for Levi. He is thankful for his boys, for his parents, for all the family and friends. Each one has shown concern and love for Levi and the family in their own ways whether work, food, calls, texts, snacks, prayers, visits, laughs (Uncle Dick and his wallet), pictures and support. He is also thankful that Levi will be watching A&M tonight with him!

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~Aunt Gilda

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

From the Solorio Family....

My name is Fresa Solorio. I am married to Juan "John" Solorio, which is Levi's best friend in the whole world. John visits Levi several times a week, and I check the blog everyday for updates. All of you have done an awesome job keeping us all informed. We pray for Levi everyday. I have a few pictures that are really old, but Levi looks handsome with his long hair.

Thank You and God Bless!

Fresa Solorio & Family

How do you know Levi? "Circle of Life"

Folks, after visiting with the family this past week; and so many people that have come in contact with Levi, we realize that some amazing stories and connections are present. God's hand is at work.

So share with us your story. How are you connected to Levi?

We are eagerly awaiting your response.


November 26, Wednesday

Good morning all,
Levi had a good night. We've got some updates....
  • Liver Biopsy - Results were clear
  • No yeast in blood for previous 2 days
  • Has maintained 99° for a couple of days

These are all good results. We don't anticipate having many updates through the upcoming holiday, so bear with us. Where ever you celebrate Thanksgiving with be thankful for the many blessings God has granted you. We are certainly indebted to God's grace and mercy.

Feliz dia de Pavo

(Happy Turkey Day...) for the spanish speaking impaired.... :)


Hola mis amigos!!
How is everyone this fine pre-thanksgiving/black friday day? We would love to have more pictures of Levi on here. Unfortunately, you can't leave them as a comment. It won't let you. I just tried it. So....if you could email them to me, I will post them either in a blog or in a new slide show. I will put your name on them if you would like. Thanks!!!
Robyn Mejia-Miller

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

11/25 Update

Hello all.
Last night Levi did okay with the exception of continued high BP (160/70) and heart rate (137).

Today they changed the feeding tube and it went well. Levi winked at the older nurse and was very alert previous to this procedure but they expect him to be very sleepy after the surgery. Trish and Reese and Esther are there with him today.

Folks, I'll tell you what. Levi is an awesome fighter. Even though he's fighting to get stronger he has a great radiant countenance about him. I am glad that Reese's picture was added on the blog. That is his precious niece and I know Levi loves her alot. This brings me to you. If you have any picture you would like to add go right ahead. If you have difficulty, contact Robin. She is our newly adopted sister. She is awaiting her official certificate and wants an induction ceremony too.

Today the word I received was about 2 things. One is prayer. It can be done in may ways. Look up Number 6:22.
Secondly, this is a new 20th century relationship. We are all talking to you and sharing Levi and ourselves with you. Much like the relationship we have with Jesus. We have to talk to Him and share ourselves with Him.

This Thanksgiving, Levi and his family are thankful for many things and YOU! It's been an overwhelming blessing.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gil

Monday, November 24, 2008

11/24/08 6 o'clock news

Good evening.
Last night, Crystal was nurse. He did good.

  • liver biopsy. results unknown
  • change insulin quantity to 40 units and they plan to take insulin drop off this week.

Esther rested at apartment for the first time alone. She made it through. Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary came to visit today and they had a good time of laughs and fellowship.

Keep calling out to Jesus. We love ya.

Share His Love!

~Aunt Gilda

Sunday, November 23, 2008

11/23/08 Sunday

Mornin' folks, peps, clan, raza.
Last night, Levi did good. His BS was stabilized. They check this every 2 hours. His BP continues to be elevated. THe ventilator has been removed from his room. Isnt that good. He gets breathing treatments but breathes on his own. His nurse last night was Crystal. She talked to us about when Levi first came in she was one of the nurses here and she said the comparison is remarkable that he has come a very long way.

At midnight, we (Esther, Joe, Weita, Delilah, Rachel, Gilda) all went home to the apartment to rest. This was the FIRST TIME EVER that we did not stay in shifts through the night. We felt very wierd about it and were struggling with it. Esther really had a hard time but we made her go. Once back at the apartment, God allowed us to have a good night of fellowship and to be silly with each other. Eat, snack, eat, snack, talk, laugh, and just chill out.

What is scheduled for tomorrow is a liver biopsy. They will not have to put him under, thank you Lord. I don't know when the results will be ready.

Luke, Jake, Trish, Reese, Nana, Papa, Cristy, Shai, andSklyer all came up to Amarillo to visit with Levi and tell him the great news of the night. TX TECH Raiders had to put their guns back in the holsters last night. They didn't show up for the gun fight at all....... :0 !!!!

Delilah, Rachel, and Gilda will be leaving back to Ft. Worth today. Weita will be heading home for a couple of days to run some errands but will return later this week.

We are thankful for you! Please continue to join us in giving this battle to the Lord. God is in control and may the Lord bless you for your prayers, love, care, cards, letters, and text.

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Good Morning,
Glory Hallelujah

Can We get an AMEN, Thank you Jesus

Last Night Levi stuck his tongue out at us!!!
Showed us his pearly whites and moved his head back and forth!!

There is so much rejoicing in the room, singing,talking to Levi and praising God. Dr. Lewis front and center to see the Miracles that God chose for us all to experience through Levi!!
Even those who don't believe will see and know that it was God alone who has shown his mercy.

We know everyone is rejoicing and so wonderfully happy to be a part of this living experience, GOD.

Brother Jake and his wife Trish spent the night with him.

The phones lines were over loading last night in Amarillo, Texas.

But more importantly our prayers of thanksgiving were so high, so multiple and the Angels were singing along. Thank you Jesus for always going before us and allowing us to see and be a part of your MIGHTY works.

You are the Great Physician
You are the Great Healer
You are the Most powerful
You are the One True God
In whom we TRUST

We can not say thank you enough to everyone that is experiencing these miracles with us. Your trust, your faith, your love and support have and continue to shine so bright for Jesus.

"So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal."
II Cor. 4:18

We love you Levi, God's still working on you!!!

Uncle Monty and Aunt Cindy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Fri.21st FROST

Yesterday, Jeff was his nurse. He is so good but I kept calling him Brian cause he looks like one but he would correct me but it still didn't matter. He is Brian to me. Last night, Levi had a good night. He stayed awake so much yesterday. We sang to him, told him cruel jokes (mainly from Aunt Delilah), read to him and prayed with him. Amy was his nurse last night and she is a very small framed little nurse but a stick of dynamite of care. She washed his hair and scrubbed him. Levi gave her lots of facial expression that we know what he was saying.....She tried to talk to Levi about his family but he doesnt listen to her because he knows he has a cool, diverse, family! Levi had no temp.. and he looks good. He is so handsome. Aunt Delilah and her daughter Rachel stayed with him and Esther, Weita, Gilda rested.

We know you are praying. It is evident every day, moment by moment. Keep praying for enlightment for the doctors. Keep praying for compassion for the nurses. Keep praying for supernatural strength for everyone and especially Levi.

Has it frozen yet? Frost? It can be in many forms and many things. It is beautiful across the farm land. It causes us to think playful when its on the window panes (it makes you draw or recalls memories). It's a coverage of moisture that trys to hold in heat. Well we are alot like frost. We hold in the heat of our wounded heart by not crying, by holding in our emotions, and by thinking it is a bad thing to be transparent. Jesus calls us during the frost, during the times we are trying to hold it all in, by trying to hold our own. Dear one, wipe the frost off, let it rain, open the flood gates to Jesus. He makes all things beautiful in HIS time.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thursday. 20th supplier

Good morning all.

Last night Levi had a good night. He had a bathe and his linens were changed. That always makes us feel good and sleep better. His blood pressure and fever are still evident. He is receiving medication for both. His wounds are healing nicely. His blood sugar is stablizing. I was able to sing to Levi last night and I assured him that I was Carrie Underwood's side kick, he just raised his brow! When I opened my song book, it automatically opened to "The Old Rugged Cross". That is one of Levi's favorite songs. I took it as confirmation from God that I was to sing that song unto Him and on behalf of Levi.

Esther, Rachel, Weita rested some and Delilah and Gilda (the crazy aunts) stayed with Levi.

You are so amazing! The family could not do this without you. Basically we are all dependant on God and God's people. Kind of a life line supply of support, love, prayer, laughter, courage. We are all broken, parts, hurt, weak, unstable and we are being put together by our Lord Jesus. He is sustaining US just like He is sustaining Levi. The scripture I received is at the hospital and I wrote it down over there. I will add it asap. It is amazing.

I love you because of Jesus.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Good Evening One and All,

I will sing praise,
I will lift my voice,
I will sing praise,
I've made my choice,
I will sing praise,
I willl lift my hands,
I will sing my praise to you,
I will sing my praise to you.

No mattter the storms that come my way,
No matter the trails I may face,

You promised that you would see me through,

So I will will sing my praise to you,
I will sing my praise to you.

Today we sing prasies to our savior Jesus Christ for bringing us this far and for allowing Dr. Franklin to see that Levi HEARS us!!!!

We are having changing of the gaurd,
We thank Wetia and cousin Rachel for their time, love and support they both left today and Aunt Gilda and Aunt Delilah have assumed the posts.

Esther says her "weezia" has arrived and Cindy has given her permission to use it;

just kiddin Aunt Gil

Thank you Father God for your mighty workers you have placed in our lives that conitue to love, support , pray and praise you for who you are. Your love is everlasting.

God's word says;

Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation will commend your works to another; they will tell of the power of your awesome works, and I will proclaim your great deeds. They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness. The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love. The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made. All you have made will praise you, O Lord; your saints will extol you. They will tell of the glory of your kingdom and speak of your might, so that all men may know of your mighty acts and the glorious splendor of your kingdom. Your kingdom is an everlsting kingdom, and your dominion endures through all generations. The Lord is faithfull to all his promises and loving toward all he has made. the Lord upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food at proper time. You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in all his ways and loving toward all he has made. The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. He fulfills the desires of those who fear him; he hears their cry and saves them. The Lord watches over all who love him, but all the wicked he will destroy. My mouth will speak in praise of the Lord. Let every creature praise his holy name for ever and ever.

Psalm 145:3-21 NIV

Good Night Levi

We love you


Ok, Franklin was in to examine Levi this AM. Franklin asked Levi to blink to answer questions. Levi also followed Franklin in the room with his eyes. So we know Levi can hear us. This is a huge feat but it is a baby step. I keep reminding Esther that Levi's fight is a marathon, not a sprint. Please bear with the ups and downs of this roller coaster as we are all on the same ride. Don't be discouraged or disheartened by the many ups and downs and upside down turns that we face in Levi's recovery. See the beauty in God's healing hand and the incredible body he created. I marvel at His mercy and grace. If there ever was a time to be a faithful servant, its now. Please continue to pray for Levi, his recovery, his family, and for each other.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tues 18th NEWS

Good afternoon.

Last night was pretty uneventful. Levi still had a slight temp. He is on the ventilator spontaneously (meaning he's breathing on his own but the machine gives him oxygen every now and then). They have removed the bandage off the Left leg and it is healing nicely. On his Right arm, they had onced thought for sure they would be doing a skin graph but now they may not have to because it is doing good too.

Esther and Rachel are on duty. Cristy and Shay came up there after school/work. Weita is still up there too.

Esther is thankful for:
  • you.
  • your thoughts, prayers, words, visits, calls, texts.
  • the love you have for Levi.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Music & Links

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(Gilda wanted me to fix it and make it easier, but i can't fix comments.)
Comment left on Monday Blog:
From Randy:
Sometimes after hearing what others are telling us it gets hard to pick our heads up.I want to remind you to look up for your redemption is near!This song has been on my heart but I wasn't sure I wanted to share it but it is time to cry out.I just feel like this song is more of a prayer than a song.

From Denise Jones ( go to comments left on Monday blog post to see it in full)
go to this site and click on 'Glory on' and you will be blessed.

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed".
John 20:29b NIV

Happy Fall

Can you see the glorious colors of the trees God has painted for you? It is beauty only God can create, and he chose to share with you.

There are no major changes in Levi's status.
He has been fever free for a whole day. He recieved a fresh shave this morning and his color is good. Dr Park is due in for a visit to analysis if Levi's body is up to par for physical theraphy. His blood sugar is not stable so there is still much concern. He continues to have involunatry movements.

Friends do you know Jesus? He is your creator.

Love each other and be encouraging to someone today

We love you Levi.

Uncle Monty & Aunt Cindy

Sunday, November 16, 2008

11/16 Sunday

Sorry for the late notice. Levi had an uneventful night last night.

Today, he received a shave and bath. I know he appreciated that. ;0
His BP (blood pressure) and BS (blood sugar) levels have continued to be high. The nurses are doing a tremendous job caring for Levi and keeping Esther/Joe informed of his condition. Thank you Lord for them. What's going on so far:
*change in steroid medicine
*trying to wing off ventilator
*Dr. Melton (disease) not changing anything
*checking on putuatary gland

To all the visitors at the hospital, to everyone that has called/texted the Steelmans and Cristy, Esther wanted me to thank you again. Thank you for staying united in the forefront of this battle. The battle is not ours, its the Lords and our only job is to remain faithful, to remain on our knees, and to continually attest to God's glory.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sat. 15th Be Informed

Hello all.
Got some news that is way different from what we have been informed of to this point.

Yesterday a new neurologist (Dr. Lewis) was brought aboard that read the CT scan and EGG. His diagnosis is that Levi is in a vegetative state.
He can not explain what happened, when it happened, nor can he answers any pre-existing reports. Lots more questions and investigation will be taking place.

It is shocking for everyone. You will experience many ranges of emotion just like the family is. Esther wants to remind you that God has been performing miracles after miracles and that is the business He is in. Keep the faith! She has heard the news but is refusing to believe that Levi will remain in this state. Don't give up on Levi. He needs you!
Joe even commented that he would not want to be in Dr. Lewis' shoes where you have to give family that kind of information.

I shared with Esther that I was angry, confused, mad and she said that is what everyone will be experiencing BUT that we must stay united and work through this. Don't shut down or pull away from the people that love you. Easier said than done but its not an option.

Hear is a special song that is ministering to me right now.

Be Blessed by Yolanda Adams
Please pay attention to the words.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday 14th

This is a late hello.
We we holding out to hear from the doctors after they had a chance to look at CT Scan and EGG.
So, no news from either doctor. They have stopped the morphine to help wake him up.Now that it is the weekend we may not hear anything til Monday. That is something that can't be predicted.

Esther shared that ever since they had that prayer meeting with the other 2 boys' family (Will and Tommy) that Satan has been on attack. She said that through prayer (yours and hers) it is about keeping our eyes on Jesus.
She asked if we could remember to pray for Will and Tommy both because the doctors are not as hopeful for their successful outcome. Thank you all for your steadfast concern, support, and prayer.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Thursday, November 13, 2008

11/13/08 Thurs.

Levi had a topsy turvy night.

His fever was high, blood pressure was high, and they had to give back the ventilator. The fever being high could be the infection but they aren't sure. The high blood pressure is questionable in that what is causing it? Is is Levi's own doing due to pain or stress? Or what is causing it?

The ventilator had to been given back because his body is having to compensate for the trach being in place, Levi is working harder to breathe. Esther and Weita stayed the night shift.

Remember the nurses insisting on checking why Levi is not moving around as they think he should, then they told us it was the medicine. Well today Dr. Franklin is ordering another CT Scan and EEG to check it out.

Esther ask for continued prayer for Levi and his body, mental, and spiritual touching. She shared that she is trusting the Lord and doesnt want to take her eyes off of God. He is the great physician.

Before I even spoke with Esther this morning, the Word I received was that God wants to heal us, heal our hurts and wounds, past or present BUT mostly He wants us to know HIM as the healer. To know HIM in a way that we have not known HIM before. Who HE is - is more important that what He does.

Love you all and I am grateful for your viligent prayers.
I Love you too LEVI. The boys ask about you every day, they text me all day long (which is against school policy) to check on you.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sweet November, 11/12

FINALLY.......Dr. Franklin has given the All Clear from life threatening injuries!! Levi's vitals are stable. The ventilator was turned OFF @ 9am.
Levi has a long road to recovery ahead of him. With the grace of God, he will continue to get stronger. Personally, can't wait for the Levi we love (or not love ;D) to come back to his fun loving, goofy grin & prankster self!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tues. 11th, Touching Moments

Hello all.
Cristy and her mom stayed with Levi and Joe/Esther went to rest.
They have taken the bandage off Levi's R ankle where they put that fixator in.
They have taken the ventilator off little by little and now he is breathing on his own and it gives his oxygen ever now and then.
They have shaved him and combed his hair. Don't you know how great that makes him feel!
They believe the infection is under control but will check tomorrow.
Levi had a good night with a low temp. HE BLEW CRISTY A KISS!!!! Oh, what a wonderful moment and I know it meant more than words for Cristy.

Another touching moment was in the ICU waiting room. 3 different families were united and agreed to go to the Lord in prayer for all their loved ones (Levi, Tommy, Will) that are in the hospital. All critical trauma conditions and all given little hope. God has performed miracles in their lives too. God has done what the doctors said could not be done. Look out world God is in control and no one can dispute that. Esther was very blessed by this prayer meeting and also strengthened in her faith. Its all about one day at a time. The touching moments are there in front of you. After this prayer time, she immediately went home but the very first song that came on the radio was "How Can I Keep From Singing Your Praise".

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov.10th Monday Morning

Levi had an uneventful night other than his temperature. Thank you Lord.

The nurses that requested Dr. Banister (neurosurgeon) visit was because they felt like he should be moving more than Levi had been. WELL good news is that the medication (morphine) has been keeping him from moving. So we are greatful that it is because of the medication and not something neurological. Thank you Lord.

Weita and Joe stayed with Levi last night. Esther rested. Cristy went back to work.

May you allow the Lord to bless you, where you are.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sunday 9th ANSWERS

Hello all.
Esther called with answers to the questions we asked earlier today.
What about the yeast infection in his blood?
Levi has been given 3 anti-fungal antibiotics to fight the yeast in his blood.
The cause of this infection has been determined to be a contaminated port. Even with all the sterilization, fungus is invisible to the nake eye.

Why are they having to give Levi blood?
Because red blood cells are made in the bone marrow and since Levi has so many broken bones the blood is not being produced fast enough to help the healing process.

What is happening now?
He is resting and tomorrow Levi is due for x-rays on Left arm to see if it is healing together correctly.

Thank you so very much Lord for your ever present help!

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Sunday 9th "New Day"

Good mornin'.

Spoke with Esther this morning and things are looking somewhat better today. Yesterday was very difficult because of the immediate and different change they witnessed in Levi and she comented that after spending time with the Lord this morning she is only going to deal with today, its all we have been given.

  • Levi is doing alittle better with his blood pressure and fever and heart rate. After being given 4 pints of blood total since before and after surgery, they believe it finally kicked in and help him. His color is better too. This leads to the main question. Why does he continue to need blood? Where is it going? Is he making blood? Hopefully, they can get answers to these questions soon.
  • Levi's been having loose bowels and they are trying to deal with that as well.
  • Dr. Franklin will have to order the neurosurgeon (Dr. Banister) to come and re-evaluate Levi because of his immobility and to rule out other potential situation. The nurses think Levi should be moving more than he is and so that is why they want this re-order.
On another note, she knows you are praying but she wanted to just let you know what you could pray for specifically.
  • doctors, nurses, and orderly's {God to guide their hands & minds}
  • Levi's body, mind and soul
  • all of Levi's family back home in Bovina {they are harvesting}
  • for her and Joe {physical and mental strength}

Please know that you have been a tremendous support system for Levi and for the family. People from all walks of life have prayed, called, texted, and visited. It means so much more than she can express. Thank you! Keep on keeping on.

Not to be rude but because it is a difficult situation, I would ask that you please, please remember to call any of the numbers provided in earlier blogs if you have questions. It is very difficult and exhausting for Esther to repeat and re-live the situation of the day, as you can imagine. Thank you.

Share His Love!


Saturday 8th UPDATE

Today Levi had a set back. He has yeast infection in blood. The infectious disease doctor will be trying to figure out treatment for this. Levi is not responding as well as he has in the past couple of days. They had to give blood today as well. Now more questions and concerns are arising to which they have to wait to hear from different doctors. Being that it is the weekend, some answers will have to wait til Monday but it could be sooner.

It has been a trying day for Levi's family emotionally. They covet your prayers for Levi. God is a revealing God and we have been revealed so much already. We thank you Lord for working in our midst as we can see it but also we thank you Lord for what we have not yet seen.

Aunt Cindy and Aunt Sandra left back to their perspective homes' today and they are still on the road as I blog this. Please pray for traveling safety for them. Thank you and may God bless you far more than you could imagine or hope for.

Share His Love!

Friday 7th blog

Late report of what happened Friday.

Today, Levi had surgery on R ankle, it went good. He had the tracheotomoy done and it was good too. New tubing was also part of surgery procedure. Vitals good. and very droggy due to sedation of surgery.

Thank you Lord for your continued watch over Levi.

Cristy and Weita stayed with him through the night.

Share His Love!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

In the midnight hour November 6th

Here is what Aunt Cindy called and shared from the hospital about Levi.
1. Levi was still running a temp.
2. removed stitches in legs, no gauze wraps
3. Levi moved his left leg all on his on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Weita called me again to make sure I got this great news, it was so awesome)

PLEASE continue to pray that they find the infection and can start treatment.
PLEASE continue to pray for total healing and restoration.

Friends you have been so unwavering in your concern for Levi. God is gonna be glorified through you, through the doctors and nurses, through the family (and its a very large family). We have a friend in God, he calls us friend. Isnt that amazing. Can I get an amen!

Thank you, dear ones, thank you.

Share His Love!

Thurs. Nov. 6th update fom hospital

Good Morning from Amarillo. Thank you for your continued prayers, love and support. Weita and Esther stayed with Levi last night. His night went well but he continues to have fever. No new findings that revealed where the infection is located.We met the pilots that flew Levi to the hospital yesterday, it just so happens SHE, the lead pilot, is a retired Army pilot that Uncle Monty Lewis knew and flew with while on active duty in the Army. Another unique thing was that this flight only took 18 minutes (a new record). This flight should have taken at least 30 minutes! Still think you only affect things in your life?!! Did God put you on this earth by yourself to believe you are in this world for ONLY YOU? We thank you so much for all everyone is doing to help us during this time.
Be an encouragement to some one today.
Smile, Jesus loves you!

Cindy Lewis
November 6, 2008 9:01 AM

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Steelman family,
I am relaying this information from Raul Chavarria and Sonora ISD. They are reading the blog daily to keep up with Levi and his condition.
Raul said that not one day goes by without them check and asking Danny about Levi. All the teachers ask Danny daily. Everyone's heart goes out to Levi and his family and they are going to support Danny and his nephew through all his recovery. The reason they can not blog is because it is blocked for security reasons from the school website.
They apologize for that but it does not mean they are not thinking of the family.

Thinking of you all,
Raul Chavarria

Wed. 5th Nov.

Good morning all.
Levi's temp. fluctuated during the nite. He stayed awake for 2 hours! He reponded to request and commands BY BLINKING!!!!!!! Can I get an AMEN! His temp. is still 101. He will be getting an external fixator on his right ankle today. This is a device of multiple pins and rings which hold complex fractured bones for healing process.

Trach. tomorrow. This is tracheotomy which is incision on neck to open direct away thru windpipe. This is a procedure often used for long term care.

Folks, you are so awesome to keep praying, to keep checking in on Levi, to keep the family near and dear to your heart. They are so humbled by you out pour of love.

Right now Aunt Sandra from Arkansas and Aunt Cindy from Alabama are with the family at the hospital. God uses people to bless others. He is using all of you bloggers too.

Share His Love!
~Aunt Gilda

Wednesday, November 5

Levi again ran a temp last night. Aunt Cindy & Aunt Sandra stayed with him overnight. Esther is recovering from her cold. Levi's progress is inching toward the right direction. He has been more alert and is using blinks to communicate with his family.
all for now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tues. 4th FOLLOW UP

Hi. Well Esther reported this afternoon that Levi has been fighting fever all day. His vitals have been good though. It has be hard for her today since she is sickly and cant visit Levi today. Tenatively, Levi is scheduled for surgery on his foot for Friday. He is on the schedule but things change from day to day as we all know.

For 17 days, God has been performing miracles on Levi's body. You are such a blessing to the family through your prayers, supports, and acts of kindness.. Please continue to pray for Levi and his family. All things are possible with God! We thank you Lord for your love and grace.

Share His Love!

November 4, Tuesday

Hello Bloggers,
Just a brief update about Levi. Levi's temperature was pretty high last night which has his physicians concerned. He is still groggy but he does respond when hearing his name. Joe & Aunt Sandra stayed the night with him. We are patiently waiting, as that is all we can do. Continue to pray for Levi's recovery.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday, November 3rd

Well we don't have much of an update. Levi had a good night last night & his temperature is down to 100°. We will refresh the posting as the information becomes available.

Update: 3:30pm CSTLevi is more alert today. His temperature has been stable all day. We HOPE/PRAY/WISH for Levi's continued healing.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday 2nd

Update this morning.
Joe and Naomi stayed with Levi. Esther and Cristy and kids rested. Levi is running a temp. of 101.8. He is still sedation free and responding to simple commands. He is not completely awake. Today they are waiting on Dr. Parker to read x-ray on R ankle to see what it is doing. His vitals are good.

~Share His Love!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Saturday 1st "Sweet November"

Hello. Please excuse my late report. I was helping another sis in Fort Worth break down and put up fall festival that their church had last night.

I did speak with Esther and she let me know that Levi had a peaceful night. He has been off sedation more than 24 hours. Sweet mercy. Lord as Levi's eyes are closed may you appear to him in a sweet spirit that fills his heart with your unwavering love and gentle peace as only you can provide.

Now that its November, driving around here you can admire the foligae changing colors. Its the life cycle of a small and yet vital part of a tree. A leaf. It symbolizes life, it symbolizes a season. Just like us, yeah. Whatever season you are in, you can symbolize the sweet life Jesus has given you. You may think you are insignificant but honey your not, Jesus came to give you sweet life.

Levi I miss you. I was thinking of all the amazing views you have seen and I am jealous of how you saw all the beauty that God created from your plane. Too much for words I am sure.

Go out and see november, God will be everywhere!

Share His Love!