Monday, December 29, 2008


Hope you and your families enjoyed each other this Christmas.
1st: A little info on the facilities.
Trustpoint Hospital
4302 Princeton Drive
Lubbock, TX 79415
The facility is so awesome. Everyone talks freely about how God is providing for Levi and that it is a miracle from God. (this is another blessing)
2nd: Therapy is from 9 - 11:45, then 1 - 2:15, speech 2x/day, OT/day,
Today he hit ball back & forth, but has short attention span (he gets bored easily just like when he was a kid growing up). Esther got a kick out of that! In therapy they tried playing dominos but he was more interested in what's going on in room. So they had to revamp that assisgnment. He read simple sentences. Just like .. He likes to fight with his dad. I love my dad.
3rd: Levi is surrounded by pilots at this hospital. These people are caring for him directly and the have a compassion that not all people have. So Levi is among his own. Is this a coincidence?
4th: Levi continues to focus, more & more everyday. He will be experiencing all the range of emotions, like anger, depression, etc. Medicine is being reduced and that with also involve withdrawals. He is only on 1 blood pressure medicine. Not on insulin anymore. Trauma will take its toll on your body and mind. Science is incredible and God is higher than incredible.
5th: Esther witnessed he is still bleeding maroon. Gig 'em! The therapist are Seth, Fabian, Melissa, Roda, and many more are working harder on him so he can bleed Red.
(Not happening. I can promise you that.)

Funny joke: Consuelo talks to Levi in spanish and he answers back in spanish. He even told her that her name was Connie. She asked him what his name is in spanish, well its BLEEP, BLEEP.

Friends, the last time I saw Levi was in Amarillo. What a transformation. It makes me weak at my knee what the God is physically allowing us to witness. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.

Alot of Levi's family and friends came to see him and be with him for Christmas. More of Christ's love is what we received. Thank you all for keeping close, come visit Levi any time. May you allow God to share His love with you the rest of this year and next year too.


Monday, December 22, 2008

FINALLY 12.22.08

So much has happened and quickly.
Levi is at Trust Point Hospital Rm. 101, this is another miracle. All the details worked out by God. Esther wanted me to add that we apologize for not blogging daily since they have arrived in Lubbock but it's been crazy. You guys are busy too making your plans to be with family, etc. So blogging may not be as frequent.

What's been happening?
*Levi has sat at edge of bed for 17 minutes.
*Levi has talked to his mom on the cell phone
*Levi has joked with Gallman
*Levi has chatted with his dad
*has talked about him and Doyle doing stuff
*has eaten chicken fried steak!!!!!!! (not puree)
*lots of new changes

Thank you Lord for being our Prince of Peace.
Esther & Joe are working out their new arrangements for being in Lubbock. Trish and Reese have been Esther's right hand girls and you have continued to be prayer warriors. Christmas is around the corner and its about the Savior having a room in Bethlehem. In reality, Bethlehem represents our heart. Do we have room in our hearts for the Saviour? I hope you do today, on Christmas and forever. Go tell everyone you know what the Saviour has done for us through Levi but also through your own personal lives. Thank you for sharing God's love.


Thursday, December 18, 2008

12.18 update @ 5pm CST

Are you sitting down??? Levi was transferred to the rehabilitation facility in Lubbock TODAY. Yes, I said he has left Amarillo and is in route to Lubbock, TX to start his EXTENSIVE rehabilitation. Please feel free to dance, sing, clap, pray - CELEBRATE his progress.

Having said that, please EXPECT his road to rehabilitation to be LONG, difficult, trying, fustrating, slow, exhaustive. I think you get the point.

But TODAY, let's CELEBRATE Levi's incredible progress and thank our Lord and Savior for his many gifts.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008




thank you Jesus for taking the shackles off so I can dance.
Yes, dance before the Lord.

I shared with Esther that this is "miracle on Coulter Street." Northwest Texas Hospital is on Coulter Street (for those of you who dont know this)

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12.17.08 Posting

Yesterday after work, Cristy came up to stay with Levi so Esther, Trish & Reese got to leave the hospital.
What's happening:
*gave smaller trach (from 6 to 4) to continue weaning process
*Levi ate mashed potatoes, green beans, and fish. (puree) He loved it and ate it all.
*took stitches out of Right arm and its healing good
*still doing OT, speech, PT at hospital

What to pray for:
long term rehab facility.
Lord we humbly come before you this morning to thank you for your giving us life. Lord we ask that you continue to guide our paths, go before us and behind us in the name of Jesus. Father, Levi is your child, you love him and we know you will supply more than we could ask. Continue to work out all the details and we will give you all the honor and glory. Amen.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

12.15.08 Make-up Weekend Report

Okay bloggers.
This past weekend was eventful.
Levi did good the first part of the weekend. He has said; "thank you", "please", "i love you", "that's good", "my arm hurts", "can I get a pillow under my head".

Then the next day he was very tired, and hard to understand, and lots of people got frustrated. We forget that what seems minute to us; is astronomical to Levi.

Esther had a pretty emotional weekend and did not feel up to par or very congential. This is really hard on her because she is used to "doing" and "being" for her loved ones and she just wasn't feeling it!

Thank you Father for being the Alpha and the Omega, we love you.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

12.12.08 "Do you hear what I hear?"

Today Levi is blessed with Nana, Trish, Resse, and his mom. They are like the 4horsemen. Its a good thing.

What is going on today:
* Levi changed the channel on T.V. 4 times (its a guy thing)
* Levi has eaten cream of wheat and OJ. Esther said he turns his head when he doesn't want
any more. Probably because he wants a mexican breakfast!
* Levi is getting a smaller trach (part of the winging him off it)
* Levi's speaking valve working better
* Levi will get staples out today (hopefully)
* Levi assisted the OT with brushing his teeth (using regular toothbrush)
* Levi has no temp./ HR good/ BS under control / deleted 1 BP medicine /
* Levi smiled at Reese (who can help that she is gorgeous)
* OT been working on senses (he did not like the clove scent)
* Here's a funny! Levi follows you around the room with his eyes, everywhere you go. It is
because he's metiche!
People even though we are all different with different scenarios the one constant variable is the need for hope. Hope is what overcomes all! Just like the Believe song that Naomi found. Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes, Yes, Yes!

Esther shared of all the people in and out of the hospital that need prayer, need support, need love. Can you hear that? Satan doesn't want you to hear the needs of people. Satan wants you to be busy. Satan doesn't want you telling others of the miracle of Christ. He doesnt want you talking about the miracle of the Holy Spirit doing what can man said could not and would not be done by any other means!

What are you hearing?

Bless you for checking in on Levi, for checking in on the wonderous works that we have been privy to witness.
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Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you just believe, 12.11.08

After Levi's paramount interaction with his parents yesterday, anything I say today will simply be below your expectations! Throughout this entire event, I've felt for every two steps forward we have taken, we have also taken one step back. We've had more twists and turns than a soap opera!! After texting Esther yesterday, I thought about this song and wanted to share it. My friends, hope and faith are powerful tools - all you have to do is Believe.

I just caught up with Esther. Levi got a hair cut today. He's getting stronger everyday. Today he's having some OJ & watching the history channel. (Way to go Levi - the rest of us are stuck at work!!!LOL) Physical therapy continues to be the priority.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I saw God Today, 12.10.08

According to Esther today is Levi's best day ever!! Levi worked hard for his OT, PT, RT - lots of therapy. He was able to squeeze foam balls in his hands. Levi mouthed to his dad, "watch me move" and then he preceded to move his limbs. What an awesome day!! Joe & Esther heard Levi say an audible "AH". Dad worked with Levi and Mom was behind the scenes moving and shaking people to tend to her son. Yesterday was again a reminder of how we need each other to function. God daily shows us his love.

Still working on progress to move to Lubbock. That's another story! But we march on.

Thank you for your constant support.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday, 12.9.08

Update from Esther....

Levi is trying to talk, not completely audible but he's trying. A speach therapist will come and start working with Levi. His physical therapy continues. Levi's vitals have been pretty stable. Esther heard Mary-Mary's shackles song on the radio and started thinking about John (our nephew who lost his battle with cancer about 3 yrs ago). During John's extended & multiple hospital stays, John always smiled and raised his hands to say "Ta Da". See no matter his circumstance he raised his hands and celebrated. We know that John's shackles are gone and he is dancing around in heaven, showing everyone his "Ta Da"!
God is showing us His "Ta Da" in the many miracles he has performed for Levi. If you believe in Him he can remove your shackles so you can dance too.

Monday, December 8, 2008

12.8.08 What's happening?

Today Esther is back up in Amarillo and Cristy & kids, Brothers were all up there this weekend.

Updates are:
* Nurse Linda seeing him
*His wounds are healing so well
*They are treating major wounds and adding their signature on them. (How , I don't know)
*Levi is looking bettter each day.
*Levi is in Room #554 and FINALLY out of ICU-----------Thank you Father!
*Working on long term care facility
*Still has staples in from skin graph
*OT asked him what color the blanket was and he mouthed blue

Friends, The birth of Christ provides the ultimate miracle. The ultimate form of HOPE. Jesus thank you for making Levi a miracle we can see, a gift to us, his sounds (eye signals, grunts, mouthing, and ultimately spoken words) will also be a revelation of Christ.
Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Thank you Lord for being with us.

Thank you friends too! Your gifts of love and care, your warm embraces, your gathering around Levi and the family have so much to do with the miracles God is performing today!

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday 12.7.08


This morning Cristy gave the update. I think her and the kids are up in Amarillo for the weekend.

No fever
BP 153/80
BS 122
Slept well
Woke when they came to take vitals hrly.
Mouthing words
Waiting on respatory to bring valve for trach
Lots of smiles this morning. Fixing to get cleaned up for the day.

Wonderful, miraculous, nuturing, sensitive, speaking, patient, and ready to freshen us up everyday we wake. That is what the Lord does for us! Exactly what He is doing for Levi. When you are there with Levi, you get to see miracles happening everyday. The truth is that God performs miracles everyday, every where, and where you are. The trick is, are we telling others of what God is doing regardless of how trival we think they may be.
The Lord shine his face on you and reveal Himself to you in such a way that you can't help but tell someone about the Savior.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

From Cristy

As me and the kids sat down tonight to say our nightly prayers we felt there was a need to also express our Thank yous..First of all to our heavenly father for all he has done and for all he is doing in our lives and levi's.Then there are the special people whos prayers and texts and calls and concerns and donations and sometimes just a shoulder to cry on that are helping us though our tough time.Jeff and Cindy Bertrand, Blake Clements, Josh Kerby, Clint and Leslieann Emery, Seth Olivea, Randy and Brenda Kirkpatrick, Charles Gilbreath,Ty and Britt Williams, Jeremy Smith, Joe and Christy Barksdale, Cody Murphy,All the McDowell Family, Joyce Wells, Anita Hall, Ben and Estella Rejino, Bryan Harris, All the Girls at the Bank, Jeff Steelman,Frances Johnson, Joe Jones, Haden and Lou Ann Walling, Al and Susan Kerby,Kim Herring and family, Cameron Charles, and all the people with enquiries about Levi made to my mother. These are just a few names but NOT all. Levi and I are so lucky to have friends and family like yourselves, again from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!
Blessings and Prayers for each of you and your families!

Love, Levi, Cristy, Cheyenne and Skyler

Thursday, December 4, 2008

12.4.08 Thursday


* They put a valve in trach this morning. Pray that Levi will start using it.
* He is off antibiotics and has no infection. Praise the Lord.
*Starting to have IV problems. Swollen arm b/c blockage of veins.
*They might have to start central line to have access to blood. Esther asked for extra prayer for this b/c this is what gave him infection last time.
*EXCUSE ME, DOCTORS not Nurse interns that are AGGIES are checking in on blog. Those Aggies stick together. Well I think that great since that can't do anything else...... ;0 You guys are hilarious. Love, love, love, all you need is love!
*Color is good.
*Nana sharing devotion with Levi.
*Esther reading to Levi.

Steelman family may you feel a touch from our heavenly father today. As I look at the blog, I get to reflect on how special you all are, how you have blessed my life and that of my own children. Love you.

Thank you Jesus, for knowing what we need even before we ask it. Thank you Jesus, for meeting all of our needs simultaneously. Thank you Jesus for still being the Lamb.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

12.03.08 Wednesday Morning News


Levi was awake all day yesterday. He was even showing signs of being upset. The doctors are trying to decide how and when to place the valve in the trach. Remember all the questions that Esther had. This is another provision that God did. He made it clear, He made it possible, He is in control of everyone the family, the doctors, and the nurses, us but God will use other people. Like you. Guys, the family knows you are tired too, they know you check in on the blog everyday, and that you also are all struggling with your situations. Tell it to Jesus, the MOST HIGH GOD. Continue to pray for the compassion, wisdom, strength for LEVI, doctors, and nurses. They too get tired, they too check in on Levi to see how they can help him, and they also have their own separate situations apart from work.

*starting a 3 step process of place valve in trach. Don't know how long each step takes, yet
*Reducing steroid medicine so it can quit fluctuating BS
*checking BS every 6 hrs.
*reading him a western narrated by mom
*read devotion narrated by nana
*changing fluid they are giving (probably the nutrients) because he's low in sodium
*Esther is explaining to Levi about his day to day activities

Thank you for being devoted to the MOST HIGH GOD.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tues. 12.2.08 UPDATE

Yesterday Esther asked about a valve to be placed in the trach. so that Levi could speak, whenever he wanted. They informed her that the PH level in Levi's blood had to be 7.4. Yesterday it was 7.7. so we wait on this.

This morning, Levi's BP is high, he is not as tired, he is still receiving breathing treatments, they took off bandage on RH and it looks good. No temperature. Esther was praying about the day and what God wanted her to do, say, think, question. Well as she was talking to God and she told him how helpless she was and how God was going to have to take care of all the details for today. Well today the PH in his blood is 7.4!
Just like Naomi once said, God listens, keep speaking!

Folks, its humbling what God is doing. Wouldn't you say?

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Dec.2 "can you believe it"

Haven't blogged since sat. Sorry. If you ever get in that situation again, comment and scream out , hey where's my blog to go with my coffee.......

Levi was tired yesterday. He did not want to talk or do anything. Friday he received blood and he felt great, kinda of like what vitamins do to our body& mind. When they give him blood, it wakes him up real good but he doesn't have any energy after. Then Saturday he had a great day as well. However, Esther is getting really upset wanting answers to questions about why the blood has this affect? What isn't working? What can she do? Can you blame her? After talking with her this morning, she shared some GREAT news. We should not except what the world dishes out to us. Defeat, 2nd best, gloom, and / or disease. We are more than conquerors. We are a royal priest hood. We are heirs to the MOST HIGH God. Praise the Lord!
Esther, I admire you too sis. I know you are tired, weak & heavy laden. You know as well as I do that God calls us to come, lay it down, day by day, moment by moment.

Friends, thanksgiving is more than a tradition. It is a time to thank the Lord for each other, for the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, for our family, for our friends, for our physical abilities, for our intellect, for our church, for every single thing/person in our lives. Today, I call on you to thank someone. We only have today, Tuesday Dec. 2nd. Can you believe it is December?

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