Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Madness is Approaching

As Febuary comes to a close, we all have been busy giving our sweethearts Valentine's and showing them our love by our efforts, know that God's love for each of us can not be contained nor lost. He seeks you daily and would love to have communion with you! Reach for the love that has no end, its your creator Jesus .

Isn't it Madness! March is upon us :)

Levi, we know your move brings much change and we are so proud of you for taking the bull by the horns and meeting every challenge with much determination.

One day soon you will be explaining to all what an ordeal you have endured. Know that we love you and that many, many people are loving you and your family during this time. Tell a neighbor, tell a friend who your maker is and what he has done for you.

We know your parents are the bomb. Their love is always shining.

Keep up the good work, we are praying for you.

With Love

Monty and Cindy

Friday, February 27, 2009

It's Friday!

Bloggers, Levi is moved and settled in. Room 320. Visitor have to be put on list so please call. Its privacy rules but EVERYONE is welcomed to come and it is simple to be put on list.

Its a different place with a different perspective. He will doing more for himself here:
P.T, vocational therapy, O.T., neuropsychology, therapeuatic recreation, speech/language pathology, residential services, long-term living/rehabilitation.

The transition has been heart tugging and mind challenging for Esther and Joe. They have been very protective of Levi and its instinct for parents to protect. Some parent get their claws out, I heard but I wouldn't know personally. :)
Thank God that Levi has awesome parents that love him and have been by him every step of the way.

Friends, God bless you. You too have been there every step of the way. I often think about Levi and every miracle that God has performed in his life and his body and tears well up so quickly and even though I cry, there is a strange sense of joy that overcomes me. God's love for Levi, for you and for me is unexplainable but it sure feels great! He is Risen!

Til next time,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Feb.24th Tuesday

I talked to Levi today on the phone. It was great to talk to him! We talked about the Garner boys and about me coming to see him. He said, "Come on", when you coming? He asked what grade Gabe was in, I said, "11th" . He replied, " Oh, he's a junior". I let him talk to Vicenta, a great lady that I work with. She wanted to talk to him for herself since she's heard so many colorful things about Levi. We are planning a trip to Lubbock during Spring Break.
Today at therapy with Roda, he would not do anything!! He didn't want walk, he didn't want to stand and finally Roda asked him why he wouldn't do anything for her, he said, "I got a hurt foot." and she said," oh your foot hurts?" and he said, "no, I GOT a hurt foot and there is a difference!"

What's new: Levi is moving at 10:30 in the morning (Wed.). Transitional Learning Center, 4000 22nd Place 3rd Floor, Lubbock Texas 79410. 806-281-5425. Room is not none at this time.

We'll post his room line as soon as we can.
Enjoy the springish winter weather.................


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happy February-- Be a Sweetheart

2009 Keeps moving right along and yet sometimes we seem to just maintain what is to us and the rest of the world just our ordinary everyday stuff.

We so appreciate all your acts of love, notes, prayers, cards, phone calls and every way you have reach out to Levi and his entire family. We often get busy with just Life having obstacles come our way and putting things on the back burner, if you, will at times.

Sorry we have not blog in some time but we have experienced some computer problems.

Thank you to all that made the Blood Drive a huge success!!

Levi is and continues to make progress.
The Lord is good.

He will be making another move around the first of March to the Transitional Learning Center in Lubbock. As soon as we get the information on this we will post it on the blog. Please pray for this move as it will bring about many changes for Levi and all the workers he will encounter. Change is hard in the best of circumstances. The therapist that currently caring for Levi are sad to hear of this move but are excited to see Levi take his next steps to recovery.

He continues to make progress in many areas and grows stronger everyday. He had a cast put on his right hand to help with alignment. We expect a new report from Dr. Lehman soon.

He has good days and some frustrating days as with many of us. He is ready to go home. You can call Levi @ (806) 740-8501 if he does not answer he could be on a walk, therapy or any other phase that he is undergoing currently. He has had many calls from friends lately and is thankful to hear from each one.

During Valentine’s and Presidents day he enjoy much time with Aryah, Jake and Luke.

Joe says the Farm is busy but much rain is needed and the work continues. Please pray for our farmers and that they receive rain.

We continue to ask that you pray for every area of recovery concerning Levi. God continues to unfold so many blessings in ways we see physically and some that are discovered a layer at a time. Its exciting to share and to be a part of this wonderful life changing experience called God.

Just know that your efforts and concerns are overwhelming, very much needed and appreciated!!
We love each one of you for being a part of our lives.

Pray for us as we pray for you

Lots of Love

Monty and Cindy

Monday, February 9, 2009

2.9.09 Monday


It's been a spell since we've blogged. The family has been there with Levi and dealing with day-to-day feats and foes.

Levi is experiencing some struggling with days/nights. How many of us can say AMEN! to that? Last week he had been making steps in therapy with assistance of his walker and support of staff and family. As we are all familiar with "bad emotional days" we know too well how it sets the stage for other areas in our lives. Well the same is true with Levi, his progress, and his particiapation level. The doctors are trying out different sleep medicine but its a trial by error to harmonize with his body.

Please continue to lift up the name of Jesus and pray for Levi, his mind, his body, his spirt, and for all the wonderful staff at Trust Point. The Steelman family have expressed more than once how humbled they are to be loved by you and how privileged they are to have your love, support, prayers, jokes, hugs, and your friendship. God is the only one capable of repaying you for the outpouring of your hearts. Blessings to you.

Whats in the works:
* Levi needs a hair cut.
* On 12th, a follow up visit from the surgery on his foot AND Dr. Lehman looking at wrist.
* Levi wants to talk on the phone. 806-740-8501 is his room number. Call him and let him tell you for himself a thing or two.

Nana aka Grandma with him today. Cristy came up this week end too.
Til next time,

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Februray 4, 2009 Joe's story

Grap a cup of java, pop a squat, and enjoy recap from Joe aka Dad.

Two’s Day, January 31
“Dad, what day is it?” “It’s Saturday, Levi.” “Nut-uh, Dad…its Two’s day.

When I arrived at Trust Point, I thought it was Saturday. He had gotten the fixator off the day before. He had to get up early, about 4:30 am to get dressed and be ready to leave by 5:30. We were dressed and ready, but the van didn’t show up till 6:30. We got to UMC, filled out papers for the 3rd and 4th times, talked to the anesthesiologist, doctor, and at least 4 assisstants….got in the surgery room on time, 8:30. The procedure was quick, as the doc had assured us----took 15-20 minutes. All went fine. Then we had to wait in recovery, make sure the tummy was fine, no vomiting. Levi was thirsty, drank about 3 quarts, and VERY impatient.
According to him, he also got married while he was out. Good thing Cristy was there!
We got back to Trust Point and he asked for pain medicine cause his foot hurt (he used more colorful language). He slept most of the rest of the day, but did manage to open Birthday presents. I think he read every card. Really liked the musical ones, even bobbed his head to “Celebrate! Celebrate! Dance to the music…”
Anyway, the point is….all this stuff got his internal clock off----nights and days reversed. He was awake all Friday night. When I got to his room Sat. morning I was both surprised and glad to see the bandage was still on his leg. Luke and I would have both bet $50 it wouldn’t be there the next day! They were taking his breakfast tray away, eventhough it still had about half the food uneaten. I asked the nurse to leave it, “I bet I can get him to eat some more”. “Oh no, he’s had plenty! He ate all the first tray, and wanted more. This is the second tray!” I looked at him with raised eyebrows.
He says, “I ate two trays”. “2 eggs, 2 toasts, 2 jellies, 2 juices. 2 times”. I smiled, “Oh, I see”. “Did you eat?” he asks. “No, not yet, Levi”. “Nurse, bring my dad 2 eggs, 2 bacons (you do like bacon, doncha, Dad? Uh-huh), and 2 toasts…..with jelly, he likes jelly. If you want more, just tell them, Dad….they’ll bring you more.” Smiling, “Ok, Levi”.
Saturday is usually “group” therapy day, but Levi wasn’t handling the group thing two well, so we wheeled on down the halls, ended up in the gym. We were just fiddling about when, as luck would have it (yeah, right!) therapist Donna showed up. We had never interacted with her before, I think, but she was extremely patient and calm….and it rubbed off on Levi (Thank GOD)! She “shattered” the road for us (lead the way), as we wheeled down the halls…Seth wasn’t there…neither was Melissa and Joanne…we retraced back to the gym. “Hey, Levi…there’s that walker thing Roda was playing on yesterday!...Want to try it out?” “Yeah, ok”. Donna and I lifted and assisted him as he stood and grabbed the handles, he supporting his weight with his forearms. He took two steps. “Oh, that F’n HURTS!” He sat down. We sat and talked a bit, he tried again. This time 4 steps (or 2 steps, 2 times). Then we wheeled about a bit, considered going outside, to see one of those pergola things like Mom’s been wanting…but, when we opened the door to the wind and chill, Levi says “Nope. Shut the door. Shut the door!” We did. Decided to walk some more. Helped him open the fingers on the right hand, so then he could grasp the handle real well. Walked 7 REAL steps this time, then sat down. We were wheeling around heading back to the room, when we came upon the full length floor mirrors by the entry. Levi was ”checking himself” out. “Want to stand up and see yourself, Levi?” “Yeah, ok”. Donna whispers, “I’m just glad to help him stand any time we can get him to do it.” He stood…looked himself up and down, took a couple of steps, sat back down. I told him, “That’s GOOD, Levi….you stood up twice, 2 times!” “Yeah, that’s good s..t,, huh?” “Yes, it is, Levi…you did REALLY WELL!”
He speaks and hand motions…”Take me to the room”. As we go down the winding halls, he doesn’t bother to speak, just points the direction…..he’s tired. I smile and remember the boys playing those video games….memorizing the pattern… “James Bond and the Golden Gun got nuthin’ on you, Levi…..just don’t lay down none of the proximity bomb things….I don’t wanna get blowed up”. As we approach the nurse’s station, he says, “Take me over there.” “Hey….HEY!” Calvin looks up, “Hi there.” “Hey….I wanna run a tab, ok?” “Run a tab?”, smiling. “├Łeah, just run a tab, ok?” “Ok, will do.” Levi says, “Push me up there!” “No, Levi….they got papers and stuff….we don’t wanna mess it up”. “PUSH ME UP THERE!” “Shhhh….no, no…..we’ll go to your room” We go to the room, get in bed…eat lunch.
Later, he called Skyler to wish him Happy Birthday. Levi told him to be nice. So, we had two birthdays in two days.
Luke comes. Greetings, small talk…whatcha been doin’?, etc. We decide to get up and go outside…see Luke’s Pick- up. Levi wants to get in, go for a ride (really he wants to DRIVE, but he settles for a ride). They circle the hospital, come back, stop, Levi rolls down the window…”Dad…what are you doing?” “Just standing here on the sidewalk with this wheelchair, Levi….trying to pick up chicks.” “Dad! You’re Dumb!” They go for another lap. Meanwhile, Cousin Leah arrives. We’re standing there when Luke pulls back up. “Told you I could pick up chicks, Levi! This wheelchair is a chick magnet!” He shakes his head…”Let’s go again.” “You already been two times, Levi.” “Let’s go 7.” “No, Levi, the walls might fall down…remember what happened at Jericho?” “Dad, you’re dumb.” Luke gets out and comes to the passenger side to help. Levi locks the doors! Luckily Luke has the keys and clicks it open, we wrangle Levi out and into the chair….go back inside. We visit a bit…Leah is giggly happy cause Levi is up walking and talking and riding in the pick-up and what not. (Or was it because I referred to her as a “chick”?)  Josh Kerby , Michael Nieto, and some other guys from home show up to see Levi. He greets them, uses his left hand to hand them his right hand to shake, briefly asks how’s it going, etc……then rolls over and goes to sleep! Sorry, guys. Big day, I guess….Two’s day and all…
He sleeps through supper….wakes up about 7….HUNGRY! He eats a can of pears, yogurt, brownie, beef jerky, and Snickers from his B-day goodies. (Thanks, folks) He’s down from 205 to 138 now. I try to feed him the good stuff, but I’m just happy if he eats any and everything! I give him all the milk shakes and bananas he’ll eat, per Joe Jones’s instructions…..old army recipe, he says.
We watch TV and talk. I tell him I talked to Mom and she says people gave about 22 pints of blood in his honor. He sits and ponders a bit and says, “That’s damn near 3 gallons of blood.” “Yes, Levi, nearly. People waited in line 1 ½ hrs.” “Pshhht,” he says, shaking his head.
About 11 Levi says, “Dad, you awake?” “Yes, Levi….whassup?” “Dad, you look tired.” “Yes, and my feet hurt, too.” “Mine, two, Dad…….Dad, you should go to bed.” “I was thinking about it, Levi. Are you ready to go to sleep, Levi?” “I’m trying, Dad…..but I wanna go home” “I know, Levi, maybe soon you will, one day.” “But Dad, it’s already two’s day!”
“Yes, Levi…’s Two’s day” All day.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday February 2nd

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fabulous superbowl weekend. We had a great turn out for the blood drive. We had 22 donations. There were actually a little over 30 people who came and tried to donate, but for one reason or another, only 22 were accepted for donations. It was a long wait. There are quite a few questions and paperwork before the donation process. The actual blood donation takes about 15 minutes. If we do this again next year, I know to stress making an appointment in advance. Coffee Memorial was very pleased with the turn out. I just want to thank all the people who helped put this together: Everyone at First Baptist Church in Bovina, for placing the ads, for organizing everything Coffee Memorial, Mr. R.C. Quiett I have never volunteered for something like this before and there is very little work involved in it people. I just found a place for it to happen and hung up some flyers (that they made and mailed to me!) I encourage you all to sponser a blood drive at least once. It is a very rewarding experience. Well, I will let Joe update us on Levi. He had a good weekend but Joe says it better than any of us! P.S. Yes the background is pink. Its Valentines month and this was the most masculine one I could find. So deal.