Thursday, June 25, 2009

Update On prayer request

Thank you so much for posting this! They have posted a blog for Rick, it is Again I want to thank you for your prayers on behalf of this family. I believe God let's us experience things in our lives so that we will be of help to others. If there is one family that can offer comfort like no other can, it is yours. Again, thank you for letting us watch the miracles God has worked in your lives. May God continue to bless and Levi ALWAYS inspire!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Reaching Out

Dear Friends,
You know the miracle Levi is, and its because of our faithful, loving, powerful Lord and because you have cried out to Him on our behalf. Please see attached a petition from another Christian that needs our help. Join me in praying for this family today!

Dear Steelman family,
I have an urgent request. One of my friends had an accident last night at the Quanah rodeo. His name is Rick Kieschnick and he is in ICU with a severe head injury in Wichita Falls Tx. I KNOW your great faith and ask that you would please send up a prayer for Rick and his family. You have so inspired me with your story that you were who I thought of immediately. If anyone would understand the miracles that God can do in this situation, it is your family. Levi is a living breathing testiment to the miracles our God can do. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you all.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Yes, Levi is gone fishin’ with Papa and Nana. Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary are there at Eagle’s Nest also. I am confident he will eat well! LOL. He called and they had caught 10 trout Friday, 15 Saturday! Papa caught one about 18 inches long, but it’s too cold for the perch. Levi said he caught 2 trout, when he wasn’t sleeping…..must be nice! He was kinda bored the first 2 days, it was raining, so they didn’t fish….just sat in the camper and watched TV or read books. I told him “Hell, I’d go up there just to see it RAIN!”
Levi had been home a while. We were planting, plowing, watering…ALWAYS watering….all our usual stuff. He was going with me every day, whatever I was doing. He was about town, saw many people. Then he just up and decided to blow this popsicle stand!.....go fishin’, with Papa! He said he wasn’t all that busy, anyway…
He is progressing, slowly. The slowness is what eats him up. He does get frustrated and downcast, but I try to encourage him. I told him he was way the hell better than feeding through a PEG tube ….He just said “HMMMPPHH!”
He wants to go to WORK! That’s a first! I tried 20 years to get his butt outa bed! No, but he wants to go to work, make some MONEY!
He still has the drive, Wants to GO! That’s why I nick-named him 10-8-SUS. That’s what his license plate says.
I know it’s been a month since we posted…..but progress is slow. Day-to-day, it seems like there is nothing to report, but ol’ creeper, 10-8-sus, just sneaks up on ya like that.